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A Step to Positive Well-Being: Have Fun!

Adulthood – a huge term that comes with responsibilities and commitment. Being an adult, we face challenges that pressure us to meet certain expectations or demands. We are expected to be independent, to have matured thinking and the ability to problem-solve. It is also expected that we shall not continue to behave like a child or act in a childish manner. However, does this mean we cannot HAVE FUN?


As an adult, how can fun be in place when we have so much to accomplish in our daily life? And why is it important to have fun? Scientifically, it is proven that engage in fun activities and being playful benefit us physically, emotionally, and socially. We know that children engage in play to have fun and they gain pleasure out of relaxing activities or games. Here are some good reasons to convince us that having fun through play and building laughter improve our overall well-being.


  1. Play helps us to embrace creativity – Children are found to express themselves through play and incorporate their creative ideas into play. Therefore, they are more likely to engage in the same activity without getting bored. Adults are encouraged to be creative at their workplace in order to increase interest and to stimulate imagination so that they can be motivated to contribute along the process.

  2. Play creates opportunities for learning – Learning often takes place easily when we can learn through a fun and relaxing way. Children learn through their make-believe plays and that is how they increase their understanding of concepts, structures, rules, and develop problem-solving skills. Learning through play makes the outcome more significant and enhance receptiveness.

  3. Play improves emotional well-being – Why do children like to play? Because that makes them feel happy and free! Play helps to refresh our mind and body. We are able to relate to our emotions such as happiness and sense of pleasure through play. Hence, it is recommended that we explore and engage in a safe space for play and leisure activities in order to boost our mood.

  4. Play helps to enhance relationships between people – People engage in play can bring joy and create a better bond with their peers. We also learn to trust one another through play and therefore a relationship may be reinforced in such a positive way as we incorporate play and have fun.

Check out this TED Talk by Dr. Stuart Brown, who is an expert in research on play


  1. Laughter improves physical health – It helps to relieve tension and relax our muscles. Research has also found that laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow which will protect us against heart problems or cardiovascular diseases.

  2. Build laughter in your life to reduce stress – A little bit of fun creates a huge impact on releasing stress while we are trying to cope with the hectic schedule. Laughter lifts up our mood as it triggers the release of endorphins (i.e. the “happy” hormone). Learn to have fun and laugh freely to decrease the stress hormones and increase our body immunity to fight against diseases.

  3. Learn to laugh at yourself to develop resilience – It is hard to admit our mistakes at times but being able to acknowledge it, laugh about it, and move on with it would definitely make us a better person as we all learn from our mistakes and not being ashamed by it.

  4. Laughter and humor help us to stay emotionally healthy – We feel great after having a good laugh. Laughter also gives us the courage and strength to continue seeking for resources and hope during hard times. Humor helps to keep us with a positive and optimistic view of difficult situations, allows us perceive the situation in a realistic and less threatening manner which eventually prevent us from feeling overwhelmed.

  5. Have a sense of humor helps to enhance social connection – Laughing with others is more powerful than laughing alone. Spreading laughter using humor helps to create a positive bond between human beings and people who are willing to share happiness with others are more likely to be accepted in a social group.

It is never too late to have fun. The positive feeling that comes along with fun can easily make our day a better day. Allow yourself to spend a minimum time in a day to create fun and observe how it could change your mood and thinking. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start to have fun!

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