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  • Interested individuals may opt to call or register online with us.
  • Clients may state their preferences (e.g., Trainee Therapist or Practitioner / Chinese or English speaking / Male or Female therapist) while filling in the registration form.
  • Please do call the respective centers should there be inquiries about rates.
  • Upon registration, the case will be assigned to a trainee therapist or practitioner depending on the availabilities.
  • Clients will be contacted by the assigned therapist to schedule for a diagnostic intake.
  • Appointments are made based on client's and practitioner's availability.
  • Clients are expected to make cancellations of appointments at least 24 hours beforehand.
  • CPCS does NOT accept cancellations of scheduled appointments by persons other than the client unless specific arrangement has been made.
  • Any last minute cancellations or attempts to reschedule that are not based on valid reasons are scheduled for the next available time slot.
  • Clients under 18 years old would need to have their guardians to provide parental consent during the first appointment. ​
  • Parents are allowed to register for child client should all the information provided on the form are accurate about child client.
* DISCLAIMER: Registration forms may take up to 2 weeks to process.
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