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How Technology Can Help Shape Our Identity

We live in interesting times. We are immersed in an environment rich with technological possibilities – both fantastic and practical. For those who lived through the pre-Internet era, researching ideas, thoughts and questions were done in a vastly different way – either through visiting libraries, asking around, or for those fortunate enough, wading through volumes of Encyclopedia Brittanica. That was the norm of the times – however, in what seems like a blink of an eye, or a couple of decades, finding answers is at the tips of our fingers – literally.

Interestingly, whilst the frontier of technology has leapt forward in leaps and bounds, and the rest of the world eagerly embracing the race to experience the rush and thrill of discoveries, there is a curious emergence of the loss of emotional self-development. Allow me to explain further.

In our daily routines, we automatically use technology to help make tasks easier – be it communication, completing documentation, capturing memories, etc. However, even in our non-working time (a la ‘off’ mode) a lot of these tasks mostly require the intake of data – scrolling through the Internet (for example reading the daily news or visiting social media sites); watching videos (either through television or online-streaming); listening to music via mp3 players – which results in a massive input without necessitating any particular amount of output of energy.

It becomes a easy slippery slope then to lose focus on self-reflection, personal growth, having meaningful moments on a regular basis. Take stock of your daily routine – how many of us are guilty of this?

All is not lost, however – technology should also help in shaping our identity better, and it can. Allocate some amount of time regularly (if daily is too taxing) to get inspired by technology to allow us to have output of energy. So for example, go online to find creative ways to understand ourselves better – be it shooting a video of how your day has gone, and turning it into an video diary; or find guides on how to improve techniques on your hobbies (such as better baking techniques or swimming techniques); check on better communication tips to improve your inter-personal skills, or even fill out an online questionnaire as a guide to what are your personal values which you hold dear; or would like to aspire to acquire.

In short, resist the temptation to scroll 24/7. Make it a habit to check in with yourself - mood-wise, physical-need-wise – and the best thing is, there are apps out there which can serve as a reminder! Just as an example, check out this free one:

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