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Shanty Jeyabalan

I have always been curious about people and what makes each of us unique and yet so similar, especially in terms of the human mind and what shapes our individuality. It is our uniqueness that allowed me to first explore the complexities of the human intellect and behavior.  This led me to explore the field of Psychology and enabled me to weave the various ideas, theories, and interventions into my current role as the Asia Pacific Learning Lead for an American conglomerate.  

My interactions with different people has given me a fresh perspective on myself, enabling self-reflection and the realization that the mental and physical challenges I faced while growing up have served as my most valuable "teacher." Most importantly, I had the courage to step away from negative situations and people.  Thus, giving myself the opportunity to reinvent every single time. 


It is these life experiences that I hope, will help anyone who reaches out to me in my capacity as a counsellor by providing a safe and trusting environment for you to share, explore, self-reflect and just be unafraid for I am non-judgmental and would be with you throughout your counselling journey.  

Education Background

Diploma in Computer Studies
Degree In Computer Science
MCounselling (ongoing)


Person Centered Therapy (PCT)
Reality Therapy (RT)
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Key interest

  • Career Development/Growth  

  • Personal growth and development 

  • Interpersonal Conflicts 

  • Emotional Regulation 

  • Relationship Issues/Challenges  

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