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Shalini Arulanantham

When the going gets tough, we often feel overwhelmed, and it is never easy to seek support. I believe that the experiences from my tough times have equipped me with compassion and empathy to understand what it means to be challenged in life, and how this can also be one’s turning point. We all have to face and walk our own journeys, but that does not mean that we must or need to do it alone. Support can come in many forms, and here, I will walk with you in exploring your thoughts, emotions and behaviour.  


My fascination to work with people started at a very young age and influenced me in choosing my education and career path. Being in the international education industry throughout these years helped me understand how children and adults have so many factors surrounding them that can either help or hinder them, and this led me to a journey of self-discovery on how I can play a role in being part of the support system when one feels like they need a person to turn to. I believe I can be that person for you! 

Education Background

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
MCounselling (ongoing)


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Reality Therapy

Key interest
  • Family & Relationships  

  • Self-exploration & Self-discovery 

  • Post-divorce 

  • Mindfulness 

  • Anxiety 

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