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Ng Tsu Mae

I have a deep appreciation of how we are all different people with our own stories, while also sharing larger more universal life goals, having grown up in four different countries and spent 25 years working in small and large organisations.  

The magic of counselling lies in the interaction and shared experience of the client and counsellor. Through the process, the client can better understand himself or herself in different situations and with different groups, while accepting all the parts of themselves. It is my privilege to facilitate your understanding of your difficulty, potential acceptance, and potential self-development that might happen. 

I believe my life experience and genuine desire to help you adjust and move forward might help resolve areas of persistent “stuck-ness” and beliefs that may not be serving you well. 

Education Background

BA (Hons) Global Economics (UoC, Santa Cruz)
Chartered Financial Practitioner (ChFP)
MCounselling (ongoing)


Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Narrative Therapy

Key interest
  • Third Culture Individuals 

  • Life Transitions and Acceptance 

  • Financial Therapy 

  • Mid-Career Counselling 

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