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Ju Vin

My professional journey involves a transformative shift from accounting to a decade in Human Resources where my focus has been on training and organizational development, delving into the intricacies of human psychology.

On a personal level, I’ve experienced profound moments of gratitude for the help I received during my lowest points. This experience taught me how challenging yet beneficial it was to seek help. These struggles almost broke me, but the help I received got me back on my feet and fueled my commitment to extending compassion to others as a form of giving back.  

I’m here to create a safe and accepting space where we can explore your feelings, enhance self-understanding, and make sense of whatever challenges you may be facing, all without judgment. No concern is too small or trivial; your experiences matter. You are not alone, and there’s immense potential within you to heal and grow. True magic unfolds when we build a collaborative alliance based on empathy, trust, and respect. Together, let me positively impact your journey toward healing and growth as we embark on this transformative path.

Education Background

Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) (Sunway)
BSc (Hons) Applied Accounting (OBU)
ACCA (Sunway)
MCounselling (ongoing)


Person-Centered Therapy (PCT)
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Key interest

  • Depression, Stress, and Anxiety 

  • Self-Esteem Issues 

  • Life Transitions 

  • Health & Lifestyle Management 

  • Personal Growth & Career Development 

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