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Emily Ong Kwan Yue

What is the purpose of life? This intriguing question led me to counseling: to understand me. Being born in a traditional family in a Chinese society, there were many years of my life that I’ve lived according to the expectations of others. However, living in England and Hong Kong made me wonder: Could there be other ways of living life? 


Living my first half of life in a very “safe” way, I asked myself one day: “Is that all for my life?” Experiencing many unexpected situations in life provided me opportunities to step out to the other side of the door, that showed me another side of my world. I’ve learned to experience life every moment, to taste its sweetness and sorrow with appreciation. 


Learning about psychology, it has been interesting to explore different topics about family, relationships, perspectives, acceptance and self-awareness. As your counsellor, I would love to learn and grow together and be your support to go through challenging times in life. 

Education Background

BA (Hons) Classical Music (UCSI Middlesex University)
International Diploma in Montessori (Modern Montessori International)
MCounseling (ongoing)


Choice Theory/Reality Therapy
Gestalt Therapy

Key interest
  • Relationships

  • Family dysfunctions 

  • Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders

  • Sleep-Wake disorders 

  • Sexual Dysfunctions 

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