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Experiences  :

Subang 2, Wisma HELP



  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons)

  • Master of Clinical Psychology (ongoing)

Key Interest:

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Grief

  • Relationship issues

  • Self-Esteem

Talking about mental health has never been easy for me to do when I was younger. Often, it was viewed as taboo, and I had always wondered why it was so despite being surrounded by loved ones struggling with mental health issues. This piqued my curiosity as I wanted to understand them better. Learning about psychology along with my own personal experience with mental health, I realized how helpful sharing your thoughts and discussing mental health is. This motivated me to pursue clinical psychology as I wanted to help people and destigmatize mental health.

I believe that each individual has a unique journey through therapy. Like how no two snowflakes are alike, no two individuals will have the same experience in therapy. As your therapist, I aim to assist you in your personal therapy journey to help you explore, learn, and understand yourself better. I will be there to listen and create a safe space without judgement for you to express yourself. Though daunting, it is courageous to seek help. And I assure you that you will not travel alone on this journey as I will be there to help you.

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