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Michelle Geh

Based in        :

Experiences  :

Subang 2



  • BSc (Hons) Psychology

  • Master of Clinical Psychology (ongoing)

Key Interest:

  • Personal Growth & Development

  • Love & Relationships

  • Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

  • Lifestyle Transformation

Life may feel like an overwhelming force, relentlessly pushing us forward with little control. We often find ourselves stumbling along, hoping to avoid any major falls. This is an experience I relate to and one that can be disheartening, frustrating, and scary, especially when it feels like we are facing it alone.

Hence, my goal as your therapist is to accompany you on your journey of self-discovery, exploration, and growth; to offer a non-judgmental space to fully process your life experiences, thoughts, and emotions. While I may not possess all the answers, I offer my unwavering presence, empathy, and understanding as we traverse this path together. Although our journey together may not always be easy, I firmly believe in the inherent strength and potential within each individual and I am here to support you in discovering yours.

Together we can foster the confidence and resilience needed to navigate life's challenges and embrace self-acceptance.

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