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Joel Jong

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Wisma HELP



  • BSc of Psychology (Hons)

  • Master of Counselling (ongoing)

Key Interest:

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Meaning

  • Loss

When I was four, my grandfather died, and this was where I first learned that people I love dearly can and will eventually die. This awareness reflected onto the realization that I too will one day breathe my last breath and die for the first time, before dying a second time when I am thought of for a final time before being forgotten by all. This crippled me for a long time, but I was given time, and more importantly, a safe space to truly explore who I was and what it means for me to be alive.

Admittedly, my journey as a counsellor has been for purely selfish reasons – to find meaning and to learn more about myself and about people, and in truth, these are not questions I have any answers to just yet. In fact, I don’t know if I’ll ever have any concrete answers for these questions. Regardless, what I’ve learned is the importance of creating meaning for yourself, as meaning is all that makes us who we are in this strange and absurd universe.

I don’t know if I can be of help as a counsellor, but as a human being, I hope to join you in your journey in finding meaning in this chaotic and unpredictable world. To that end, what I can offer is a safe space with unconditional compassion for you to experience your emotions authentically and without judgement.

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