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About Me

As I was growing up, I struggled with issues such as academic stress, interpersonal issues, anxiety, low self-esteem, and trauma. Eventually, my life changed after I sought help from a counsellor. I saw a few counsellors throughout my teenage and early adult years, and they accompanied me throughout my healing journey. With their help, I was able to slowly recover from my trauma and truly accept who I am.


After I became a teacher, I also realised that many of my students were struggling with similar issues I experienced. My passion for helping young people, as well as those who struggle with trauma, has made me join the counselling programme.


I believe, whatever problems we face, we are not broken but rather stuck and in need of understanding and guidance. My purpose as your counsellor is not to "fix" you, but to hold a safe space for you where you can express your emotions and feelings without fear of judgement. It would be an honour for me to accompany you on your healing journey of overcoming the struggles and challenges in life and living the most wonderful life you deserve.


Bachelor of Psychology (Hons.)

Master’s in Counselling (ongoing)

Counselling Approach

My primary approach to counselling is humanistic/person-centered. I will provide a non-judgmental and encouraging space for you where you feel safe share your thoughts and feelings.


Areas of Interest

  • Stress

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Personal development

  • Relationship issues

  • Career concerns

*Write ‘Marie Tang’ in the Special Request section to book an appointment with me!